The Constant Presence 

Great Physician, Faithul Companion,

As many different people come and go,
You are the One Presence in this room.
Wrapping my life in a blanket of care,
I receive the healing gifts of Your love for me.

I see Your love shining through the eyes of those who take care.
I feel Your healing touch in the hands of those who minister to me.
I sense Your constant presence in the midst of it all.

I ask for the grace to love and to be loved, by those You send my way.
May my healing be guided by You now and always.




Lord of All,

Summer is upon us and with it we see your world anew once again.  Help us Lord to always see your miracles in a blade of grass, a blossoming tree, a trail of ants, a beam of sunshine peaking out from behind a cloud.

As the year moves on Lord help us to see you in each other.  Help us to be what you have taught us to be; kind, compassionate, loving, forgiving.  Let us reach out to one another with your peace and joy that we might know we are one in your loving embrace.

We ask all this in the certain knowledge of presence with and among us.