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10/24/2013 Common Blood Pressure Drugs Tied to Lower Risk of Alzheimer's: Study
Since some classes of meds had the effect but others didn't, more than just blood pressure may be at work
10/24/2013 Stenting of Neck Arteries Tied to Higher Stroke Risk in Seniors
Evidence review comparing stent placement to procedure called endarterectomy found mixed results
10/24/2013 Could a Good Night's Sleep Guard Against Alzheimer's?
Study found that older people who got more sleep had less of the disease's hallmark plaques in their brains
10/23/2013 Lower Blood Sugar Levels May Aid Memory, Study Suggests
Blood glucose levels on the higher end of the normal range linked to poorer results on memory test
10/23/2013 Seniors With Serious Injuries Often Don't Receive Specialized Care
Elderly patients treated in regular emergency rooms have higher mortality rates after release
10/22/2013 Smartphones May Help Nursing Home Docs Spot Drug Mishaps
90 percent of physicians who used mobile devices avoided at least one error in the previous month, study says
10/22/2013 Just 12 Percent of Women Over 50 Are 'Satisfied' With Their Bodies
Study finds that those who feel comfortable with their weight exercise often but rarely diet to stay thin
10/22/2013 Learning Challenging Skills Tied to Better Memory in Seniors
Taking up an activity such as digital photography appears to give a boost to aging brains
10/21/2013 Don't Routinely Test for Kidney Disease in Those Without Symptoms: Experts
There isn't enough evidence to justify widespread screening, American College of Physicians says
10/18/2013 Stalking Can Take Mental Toll on Victims, Study Confirms
The psychological effects are even more profound for women who were stalked as adults, results show
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