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08/22/2013 Mom's Genes May Play Part in How Children Age
Mouse study suggests mutations in maternal DNA in 'power plants' of cells mean kids may age more quickly
08/13/2013 Alzheimer's Research Takes a New Turn
Study suggests that gummed-up synapses -- not plaque -- may be at the root of aging brain diseases
08/08/2013 Quick Test May Help Prevent Hospital Delirium, Researchers Say
Once identified, these patients can receive preventive care
08/08/2013 Probiotics Not Warranted for Seniors Taking Antibiotics: Study
No difference seen in diarrhea rates among those taking the supplements
08/07/2013 High Blood Sugar Levels Tied to Small Increases in Dementia Risk
Elevated blood glucose may harm the brain, even in people without diabetes, researchers say
08/07/2013 Could Hot Cocoa Improve Brainpower in Seniors?
Small early study hints it might help, but author says it's too soon to recommend nightly cup
08/01/2013 Peripheral Artery Disease on the Rise Worldwide
More than 200 million people have the condition, putting them at risk for heart attack and stroke
07/31/2013 Anemia Might Raise Dementia Risk, Study Suggests
Screening elderly for the blood condition makes sense, researcher says
07/31/2013 Blood Pressure Swings Could Be Linked to Mental Decline: Study
Controlling fluctuations may help keep the mind sharp, experts say
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