About our leadership--

Martha Snyder—Administrator-Operations Director
Martha is also a certified Gerontologic Nurse with a 38 year history working in small community hospitals, university settings, metropolitan hospitals and long term care facilities in California, Florida and Nebraska. She has dedicated the past 16 years at Alegent Health to excellence in care delivery and resident & family directed care, Her deep beliefs in the value of each person are reflected in her ability to focus on individual needs. Staff, residents and families feel Martha treats everyone as if they were members of her own family; they seek her out as a “first choice” resource because of her caring attitude, knowledge, and innovative ideas. Martha’s favorite part of each day is seeing “love in action” in the care and compassion given to our residents, families and staff. She says “I believe in miracles, because I have seen them in our midst.”

Cindi Leo-Gofta—Chief Nurse Executive
Cindi has 24 years nursing experience-including home care, critical access hospital and rural clinics, and geriatrics, She has been the champion at Immanuel Fontenelle for the past three years in leading our nursing staff to live our mission. Cindi says she truly loves working where relationships and experiences are most important; she finds her job most rewarding as she gives hugs to residents, and “treats” to the animals in our Eden environment. She motivates staff to do their best and pursue educational goals, seeing every challenge as an opportunity. Her interests are pursuing a masters degree; and being innovative in developing alternative therapies, and wellness approaches for residents living at Immanuel Fontenelle.

Rose Anderson—Environmental services coordinator
Rose has 30 years experience in providing environmental services-19 years for senior services. Her goal is to provide world class customer service for the elderly. She has a passion for continuing to develop the “team” approach as workers in environmental services join nursing, dietary and recreation staff to form a seamless team focused on our residents.

Mindy Bonnett—Dietitian and Medical Nutrition Therapist
Mindy has 11+ years experience as a clinical and geriatric Dietitian. She is dedicated to growing dining experiences and choices for our residents, while offering a variety of healthy food options. Mindy loves to incorporate resident recipes and menu ideas into the planning for buffets at Immanuel Fontenelle. Her interests include pursuing a certification in gerontological nutrition.

Denise Carey—Certified Dietary Manager/Food Protection Professional
Denise has worked at Immanuel Fontenelle for 20 years. She is dedicated to making a difference in the dining experience for residents. She has been a leader in conversion to buffet dining and developing staff pride for delivering extraordinary customer service during meals. Her staff can also be observed visiting and playing games after meals with our residents—all an outcome of the motivational training and Denise’s love for our residents.

Allen Cress—Resident Care Coordinator
Allen coordinates restorative care, equipment, supplies management and repair. Allen is an LPN with 14 years experience at Immanuel Fontenelle. His goal is to be the resource for safe equipment and practices for our residents and staff.

Lori Linnenbrink--(Recreation Therapy Coordinator)
Lori is a certified recreation therapist-4 year degree program. She has 20 years experience in the field of geriatrics-10 years at Immanuel Fontenelle. Lori has a passion for making each day a special experience for our residents. She is currently expanding groups in art, thai chi, music, and a new group using the Wii.

Ginny Rymer--Neighborhood leader for Ivy Lane (memory support).
Ginny is certified in Geriatric nursing, and is a Certified Dementia Practitioner. She has 23 years nursing experience, including acute rehab, acute child/adolescent mental health & addictions recovery, and acute geriatric psychiatric care . She has been the coordinator for the memory support community at Immanuel Fontenelle for the past 9 years.

Brenda Fischer—Neighborhood leader for Seasons’s Cove (skilled nursing and short term rehab-approximately 35 residents)
Brenda has been at Immanuel Fontenelle for one year. She brings her nursing and educational skills to our residents, families, and staff from 20+ years experience in geriatrics and acute care-including organ transplant care. She has interest in continued development of staff adeptly care for residents post hospitalization, during rehab, and to prepare them for self sufficiency and safety at the time of discharge.

Chris White—Neighborhood leader for Vineyard/Paradise Island (long term care approximately 40 residents). Chris is a LPN with 16 years experience at Immanuel Fontenelle. Chris brings her nursing skills and experience to the residents, families and staff, as well as her love for hobbies. These include painting, gardening, and crafts—many small groups involved in creative arts are always apparent when you visit this neighborhood.

Charlie Cox—Neighborhood leader for Rose Garden (long term care neighborhood for approximately 45 residents)
Charlie is a dedicated LPN with 20+ years of experience in geriatric care at Immanuel Fontenelle. She is an active committee member for ethics and employee relations for Alegent Health. Families and residents find Charlie the resource to answer questions and provide information as they adjust to the changes of aging and need for increased care and assistance. Her passion is to enhance the quality of each day in the resident’s life.

Lou Wagner—Care Coordinator-evenings
Lou brings 38 years of nursing experience to Immanuel Fontenelle; she has been an LPN for 22 of these years; and practicing as a registered nurse for 16 years. Her experience includes geriatric, medical/surgical, OB/GYN, cardiac, and psychiatric nursing, and well as MDS assessment coordinator. Lou has a passion for continued building of staff to feel our vision “where everybody is somebody.” She focuses on hospitality, and service excellence for our residents. Her interests include geriatric research and current best practice guidelines.

Tibbi Webb—Care Coordinator-weekends
Tibbi is a registered nurse with 5 years experience in geriatrics and acute care. She also has an educational background in Healthcare/business management, & would like to pursue her masters degree. Her interest focus at Immanuel Fontenelle is to develop patient education for the short term nursing/rehab area.

Kris Mallett—Care Coordinator-weekends/nights
Kris is a registerd nurse with 19 years experience in geriatrics and acute care. Kris is currently pursuing a specialty in wound care. She is well known for her dedication in leading staff toward keeping a positive atmosphere for our residents.

Christine Bates—Care Coordinator (nights)
Christine has shared her gifts of leadership for 5 years at Immanuel Fontenelle. She has gained extensive experience in a variety of nursing areas by previous agency work. She is dedicated to building a strong nursing team for care needs and support of a restful environment. Christine is interested in wellness promotion for our staff.

Loretta Siegele—Coordinator of spiritual care
Loretta has experience in teaching and pastoral services for 30+ years. She leads and coordinates services, mass, Bible studies, and hymn groups on a daily basis, Her interest has been developing memorial services and teaching and support for end of life care for our families, staff and residents. She is a comforting resource to everyone as she shares her background in spirituality of aging, teaching, music, and faith.

Jolene Goodenberger – Coordinator of Admissions, Medicare utilization & assessments
Jolene has 36 years nursing experience, including working in acute care, home health care, and geriatric care areas. She has been coordinator of admissions, Medicare utilization & assessments for the past 8 years. Her goals and future interests include improving the comfort, access, education, and experience for residents and families seeking skilled rehab or long term services at Immanuel Fontenelle.

Ann Mullins—Is an Occupational Therapist and our Therapy Coordinator
She has 15 years experience in the Skilled Nursing and Long-term care rehab setting. Ann has been working in rehab management for 6 years and has been at IFH since October 2006. Clinically, she specializes in adult stroke rehab, specifically neuron-developmental technique. Ann serves as a liaison between therapy services, administration, patients and families. Ann’s favorite thing about Immanuel Fontenelle is “the stability of the organization, the patient- first philosophy, and the sincere efforts made by our leadership to do the right thing for the patients for whom we care.”

Dorie Drey—Coordinator of staff education.
Dorie has 40+ years of experience in nursing including geriatrics, acute care, coordinating family practice clinic, nurse consultant for Medicare, and educator for nursing assistant classes. She is certified in gerontology, and is a certified dementia practitioner. Her goals are to continue to grow the opportunities for education for our staff. She also plans to develop informational presentations in the areas of health for the elderly for our staff, residents and families.

Donna Striplin—Coordinator of MDS assessments (long term care)
Donna has 35 years experience as a registered nurse (25 years geriatric experience at Immanuel Fontenelle, and 10 years in acute care). She expertly coordinates the assessment and careplanning process for our residents and families; her goal is to continue to involve the direct care staff toward personal care delivery.

Mary Kelly-Johnson—Volunteer Coordinator
Mary Kelly-Johnson has worked with geriatric care for the past 19 years, with experience as a recreation therapist and coordinating volunteer services. Our 100+ volunteers currently provide approximately 8000 hours/year of service at Immanuel. This level of participation and interest has grown due to Mary’s efforts and nurturing. She motivates volunteers ranging in age from 13-90; community as well as Immanuel Fontenelle residents experience the “joy of giving” as a volunteer.

Amanda Kreuger—Care Coordinator--nights
Amanda has had 4 years experience in acute and geriatric care. Her goals include pursuing her Bachelor’s degree, and empower residents and families to manage their lives and health issues with the philosphies of Planetree.