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Live Well Omaha


Livewelll-logoLive Well Omaha is the long-term collaborative effort to improve the overall health of area residents and position Omaha as a thriving community now and well into the future. Our members are individuals, organizations and institutions ­– including schools, health care professionals, faith-based and community based organizations, private sector companies, and officials from all levels of government – who are committed to cultivating a physical and cultural environment that encourages everyone in Omaha and Douglas County to make the healthy choice, at any time, in any place, every time. Live Well Omaha and Douglas County Health Department provides those who care about our quality of life with the tools, skills and support needed to transform the health of our community and create a more vibrant, active and livable city. By coming together as one network working in alignment toward a common goal, Live Well Omaha members are able to:

  • Define a common agenda
  • Build knowledge and alignment through shared measurement and regular meetings
  • Work more efficiently with mutually reinforcing activities
  • Improve multiple health indicators simultaneously

Live Well Omaha is built on partnerships aimed at addressing health issues. As such, the initiatives that fall under Live Well Omaha’s umbrella seek to identify strategies and projects with which the entire membership can align. Alignment can play out as simply as knowledge of the activities or as broadly as joining the movement. Live Well Omaha is the umbrella under which three initiatives operate:

  • Putting Prevention to Work
  • Live Well Omaha Kids
  • Activate Omaha.

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