Veterans' Honor Flight holds special meaning for Korean-American 'guardian'
Article Date: Oct 27, 2013

Tuesday morning, an Honor Flight will ferry 136 Nebraska veterans to the nation's capital for a one-day visit to their past.

These veterans of the Korean War — often called the “Forgotten War” — will see their sacrifice and service honored in a weighty symbol: 100 tons of polished California granite and 19 stainless steel statues that form the Korean War Veterans Memorial.

But perhaps the best symbol of their time in Korea will be standing right there, among them.

Her name is Carolyn Manhart. She is a 39-year-old Korean-American woman. She is the mother of four. She is one of two doctors and 21 helpers accompanying the vets on this trip. These helpers are called, appropriately, “guardians.”

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Reader Comments
Posted: Dec 12 2013 10:05 PM CST by Bill Dahl

It's wonderful that these veterans are being recognized after 60 years. It is also extremely note worthy that Dr Manhart was able to be with them and in a way represent those that the veterans fought for. She and her family should be considered as one of the victories of that awful war. God bless the veterans and the families that endured.

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